How Does TallyPrime’s Powerful Dashboard Help Your Business Grow?

The dashboard of accounting software plays an important role in your business. Tally is a popular accounting software, Its latest version has the feature of an intuitive dashboard that gives insight into your business. A good dashboard helps in making decisions in real time on data industry of today's businesses. TallyPrime’s graphical dashboard simplifies understanding how your business is going and the health and performance of your business.

In this blog, let’s discuss the features of this powerful dashboard and how it benefits your business.

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What are the features of TallyPrime’s powerful dashboard?

  • Multiple tile dashboard:Multiple tile dashboards allow you to integrate insights from various reports into a single screen. It is easy to understand the financial health of your business. In this dashboard, you will get information on sales, profit, expenses, inventory, and more all in one place. Instead of opening multiple pages or tabs, you can see the overall view of your business’s current status and performance.
  • Customization: Every business is unique, and its key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics are also different from one to another. In Tally Prime , you can customize the dashboard to suit your business needs. You can add, remove, move, or rearrange the tile according to the data that is most preferred to you.
  • Home-screen configuration and sharing:You can set the dashboard as your home screen for instant access. It can be printed, exported, emailed, or WhatsApped with the dashboard and tiles according to your needs. For this, you need to configure the tiles or all tiles you want to view.
  • Vertical and horizontal view: You can view the data according to your preferences, like if you want to view the sales data in horizontal layouts to compare year over year. Or you want to see an instant view of a monthly expense in a vertical view. TallyPrime has the feature to view your dashboard horizontally and vertically to get different insights.
  • Access Dashboard Based on User Roles and Security :Based on the roles, you can hide a certain tile or dashboard from a user working in an organization through user roles under the company in TallyPrime. You can also add security controls for the dashboard and tiles as needed.

What is needed to add to your dashboard for business growth?

  • Comparison::Comparison is a key element needed in the dashboard to analyze the performance of the business. TallyPrime’s powerful dashboard allows you to analyze the performance by comparing the data of your various branches and verticals. It is very convenient to compare the data by seeing it on a single screen rather than opening multiple tabs. This comparison helps to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and where they need to work for enhancement.
  • Net profit trend: This net profit trend on your powerful dashboard helps to analyze how your net profit is increasing over time. By seeing the graph, you can identify the trend in profit, whether it is good or bad, and make an on-time decision. This feature helps to maintain profit with market trends and internal performance.
  • Receivables and payables:For healthy cash flow and financial control, you need efficient management of receivables and payables. You can monitor receivables, and identify receivables overdue to make real-time decisions. Also, track payables and payables overdue to avoid late fees and maintain supplier relationships.
  • Order outstanding: TallyPrime’s powerful dashboard tracks both pending purchase orders and sales orders. It is important to monitor the order outstanding to meet customer satisfaction, ensure timely delivery, and maintain a strong supply chain.
  • Cashflow:Cashflow report is very important to understand how money is coming in and going out. These statements include operating, investing, and financing activities. The powerful dashboard gives a clear picture of How much cash you have, and how financially fit your company is.With these reports in your dashboard, you can easily identify the current status of your company, where you need enhancement, and how to overcome the situation.
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    TallyPrime’s intuitive dashboard is a powerful feature for business owners. It is a game-changer to help your business with accounting in many ways and improve business growth by making real-time decisions.


    Q: Can I expand a tile on the TallyPrime dashboard?

    Yes, select the tile you want to expand, and press Alt+V.

    Q: How many types of dashboards are provided in TallyPrime?

    There are 3 types of dashboards in TallyPrime. They are:

    • Default view
    • Sales Dashboard
    • Purchase Dashboard

    Q: Can I restore the removed tile from the dashboard?

    No, you cannot restore the tile or undo the removed tile.

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