Wabcom is a company in partnership with the globally renowned tally solutions. Being a tally prime gold partner, we have the perks of authorization to customize , implement and sell tally products and support tally software solutions.

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What can our clients expect from us as a tally gold partner?

On working with us, our clients can experience high quality service and benefits which contribute to a superior experience and effective utilization of tally products. As a certified partner who has taken strong training and certification programs conducted by Tally solutions, Our in depth knowledge makes it an easy task to provide tally services to businesses ranging in small to large as well as single to multi channeled enterprises.

These are the distinguishing features as a tally gold partner.

    Expert Consultation:

  • In-depth analysis and understanding of the client’s business needs.
  • Tailored recommendations and solutions based on Tally's capabilities

    Professional and efficient setup of Tally software to ensure it meets specific business requirements.

  • Data migration from existing systems to Tally with minimal disruption.

    Comprehensive Training:

  • Hands-on training sessions for employees to ensure they can effectively use Tally Prime.
  • Regular training updates in response to the release of new features and upgrades.

    Dedicated Support:

  • Priority technical support to quickly resolve any issues or concerns.
  • Assure a dedicated account manager for personalized assistance and guidance

    Customization Services:

  • Solutions from Tally are customized to meet specific company requirements and processes.
  • Development of specialized reports, modules, or integrations as needed.

    Regular Updates:

  • Timely updates and upgrades to the latest versions of Tally software.
  • Information on new features and how they can benefit the client’s business.

    Business Growth Support:

  • Strategic guidance on maximizing Tally's potential for business growth and efficiency.
  • Data and insights to support well-informed business decisions.

    Data Security:

  • Robust security measures are implemented to protect your valuable business data.
  • Ensure regular backups and disaster recovery plans to guarantee data integrity.

    Networking Opportunities:

  • Invitations to Tally events, workshops, and seminars to stay updated with industry trends.
  • Creating opportunities for networking with other business and industry experts.

    Value-Added Services:

  • Additional services such as accounting, VAT compliance, and financial consulting
  • Assistance with statutory compliance and regulatory requirements.

Wabcom's Exceptional Tally Achievements

As a proud TallyGold partner, Wabcom has consistently delivered exceptional Tally solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our numerous certifications, including Tally Certified Partner and Tally Integration Specialist. In the UAE, we are recognized as a trusted Tally Gold Partner, having closed the highest number of Tally Prime servers in 2022–23. We also received the Referral Rockstar Award for generating the highest number of client recommendations that year. Recently, in 2024, we were honored with the Elite Business Achiever of the Year Award and the Millionaires Award for outstanding contributions to the Tally business in the region. Additionally, we have received numerous other accolades for our achievements.


Q: How does a tally gold partner differ from a regular tally partner?

Compared to a standard Tally Partner, a Tally Gold Partner holds a higher degree of certification and experience. They are recognized for their extensive expertise and experience in implementing and supporting Tally products.

Q:Do Tally Gold Partners offer training?

Yes, Tally Gold Partners offer comprehensive training programs to help you and your staff understand and effectively use Tally products. Training in-person, online, and through workshops are some examples of this

Q: What is a TallyGold Partner?

A TallyGold Partner is a highly recognized and certified partner of Tally Solutions, known for their expertise in providing comprehensive Tally software solutions, including sales, support, and implementation services to businesses.

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